Since its founding, The Health Tourism Authority has stood at the forefront of the health travel and medical tourism field, speaking with a clear and unified voice on behalf of its members. HTA members consist of health and medical tourism providers which set the standard for quality, caring therapeutic services for men and women, young and old. HTA has a history of advocating for fair and equal legal recognition of the services its members provide, with the same fair and equal reimbursement benefits for the patients served by its members.

The membership of the HTA covers a wide range of providers, non-profit and for profit; hospital based, residential, outpatient and leisure facilities. But one clear, unifying objective ties all the membership together—a strong commitment to giving people quality care and services cost effectively.

HTA is their voice, but our membership puts that voice into action. We invite you to hear that voice and see that action as you look at what we offer.


The HTA is here to help our members by providing them with a space to be found by those in need of their services. We aim to raise standards of training and practice in health tourism, raise public awareness, and increase the influence of medical travel destinations on an international level.